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With the endless challenges facing privately held healthcare organizations today, how do you ensure positive ROI?

With the proven Operations Management, Business Development & C-Suite expertise that no healthcare startup or established healthcare enterprise should live without.

What impact can a healthcare business executive have on profitability?

Say goodbye to a failure to reach profitability goals that hinder your future.

Say goodbye to ineffective business startup strategies that lead nowhere.

Say hello to an expert that takes you to the next level.

Startup, Turnaround, or Grow Your Privately Held Healthcare Company

What if you had a team of business professionals who repeatedly, reliably, and consistently offered better healthcare management strategies than you could possibly imagine. Since 1985, Mary Saadat has been perfecting the precise methods to manage and influence healthcare companies’ EBITDA well above the industry norm. Client companies have achieved an average of 150% increase in revenue with proactive strategies and execution. U.S. and international healthcare businesses with 0-$80M in revenue can harness the healthcare consultant services that get results with Mary Saadat as Fractional C-Suite Executive, Advisor or Board Member.

How We Can Help

Healthcare startup Consultant Orange County, CA

Open a Successful Healthcare Startup

Hit the ground running as an entrepreneur! Saadat & Associates seamlessly and compassionately launches healthcare startups. Mary and her associate partners are knowledgeable, detail-oriented business leaders.

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Healthcare Turnaround Consultant Orange County, CA

Turnaround a Faltering Business

No time to waste! Saadat & Associates deliberately transforms healthcare organizations to enhance profitability, while supporting workplace morale and corporate culture. Mary and her associate partners are intuitive problem-solvers.

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Healthcare Profitability Advisor Orange County, CA

Grow Revenue and Profitability

Take your business to the next level! Saadat & Associates streamlines healthcare operations and develops new revenue streams. Mary and her associate partners are profit-focused business resources.

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Fractional Leadership Orange County, CA

Fill Gaps with Fractional Leadership

Access top talent without the expense of hiring a full-time C-suite leader. Saadat & Associates offers fractional leadership, seamlessly filling gaps to move your company forward.

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Why Healthcare Providers No Longer Can Afford to Go It Alone

As unbiased business professionals, Saadat & Associates reveals blind spots, closes knowledge gaps, and unlocks endless growth possibilities. Saadat & Associates launches profitable start-ups, transforms failing healthcare organizations, and improves profitability for plateauing healthcare companies is more affordable than you think. Contact Saadat & Associates today for a no obligation, complimentary consultation.

Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend Mary as an honest, trustworthy partner. Mary's strategic hands-on approach to reorganization of our infrastructure, staff training & development, leadership training and culture shift have helped my business grow in revenue, decrease cost, and gain efficiencies. Mary is very organized and helps me to stay focused on company goals. She keeps me accountable. Mary’s knowledge and experience have been invaluable. I highly recommend Mary Saadat as an honest, trustworthy partner."

Julie Bergmann, PT, DPT, Founder & CEO
Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy

"Highly recommend Mary Saadat as she has a wide spectrum of skill sets ranging from focused work process tasking to performing organizational gap analysis with measurable goal outcomes. Mary was very good at facilitating our company's Annual Strategic Summit for our new leadership Team which has yielded positive changes and impacted efficiency across the enterprise. Smart, sensitive, energetic, and knowledgeable."

Jonathan Gerber RN MBA
The MEDCOR Group, Inc dba Medcor Revenue Services

Healthcare Start Up, Turnaround, Growth Advisor & Fractional Chief Operating Officer, Newport Beach, CA
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